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Directory Listing (s) :

A Marine's Girl
Insight on being the girl friend of a Marine in Iraq. Opinions of news items of the day, politics, and relationships.

A Visitor
26 year old bloke blagging my way through work, uni and the universe! 20,000 Monkeys can't be wrong!

Crime news and updates, commentary, and more.

Aegean Disclosure
Turkey,Turkish, Cyprus, Greece, Greek Art and Politics from the Aegean.

Gary Farber's twisted take on news, politics, the media, history, science, science fiction, and science fiction fandom.

An Eye Opener
A place for me to vent and discuss current events in America and the world and how they connect to other events.

An Oasis
Compendium of Law, Politics, Entertainment and Tech Matters.

A blog that contains the lastest in technology, gaming, news, movies, tv, and music. It has anything related to me, Andrew.

Anim้ en Venezuela - Noticias
Noticias breves relacionadas con el anim้ puesto al aire por las televisoras locales.

Parody and Satire attacking the Catholic Church's handling of the pedophile priest crisis.

Apolitical Blog
Musing on the electoral mine field. Want non-partisan rants? No one party or candidtate is safe here. And some this stuff might look good on some t-shirts (sold here)!

Are You High?
A blog of everything that is interesting and relevant in today's world. Politics, sports, entertainment, news, pop culture, etc.

Around the Planet
Reports from events with Maharaji (Prem Rawat).

Article 19
Thoughts about the current state of the cosmos and the daily events that move it forward or back. From Nashville, TN.

Artificial Nature
The official blog of Jason Shindler. My thoughts on the news and other such things.

Back to Iraq 2.0
A weblog that focuses on Iraq, Kurds, and the Middle East. Maintained by journalist Christopher Allbritton.

Bakersfield Online
Bakersfield Online is a free weblog community for the Bakersfield California region. This blog is intended to be an alternative for Internet users who wish to share ideas, feelings, and thoughts with others.

Barnett's Creative Outlet
Mostly commentary on politics, film and other random zones. I'm not above commenting on favorite actors, books and films, but mainly the blog is to rant about the direction in which our nation is headed.

Worldnews in addition to advise about internet emarketing business.

Begging News
Links to internet cyber begging and general funny news links.

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