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Online Games and Online Gaming Blogs
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Directory Listing (s) :

Ash Da Splash's Blog
An online journal of the interesting life of a 16 year old boy named Ashley, aka Ash Da Splash.

Bizgame Link Partner
Games directory and information on the web.

Confessions of a Video Game Junky
General ramblings about video games and their impact both on me personally and on society.

Weblog dedicated to gaming and game culture. Link Partner Basic Listing
Gaming site in the Netherlands with rules downloads and more on boardgames, cardgames, console games etc…

In the Shadow of Greatness
A blog about Roger Zelazny, RPG, and Amber gaming, with small doses of life and the pursuit of whimsy.

Inside the Lines
Provides a unique and refreshing viewpoint on the gaming industry, read on the trends, and valuable tips from Inside the Lines. Dave's comments are widely read and well respected among knowledgeable gaming analysts and journalists alike. Inside the Lines happens to be good reading.

I write about anime sites,titles and community happenings etc. Also gaming.

Nintari -Trade your video games and DVDs
This is a blog with news about Nintari, video games and movies.

Thinking with my Fingers
Torill Mortensen, a Norwegian researcher, shares her notes and stray thoughts, mostly social commentary on online roleplaying games, weblogs, and digital culture.

Traveller's Log
Traveller's Log details the fictional day-to-day journey of Isis Claybourne as she travels in the Solomani Rim Sector of space in the far distant future as detailed in the Traveller game. It will be updated daily (sometimes several times a day) as it records Isis's journal in 'real time'.

Tuna Dave's Blackjack Diary
Personal diary of various BJ trips to quantify if my system works as well as it seems to have over the past 10 years, and to verify that I can play basically even with the house.

Underground Hill
Prvi srpski RPG blog.

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