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The blog of Hungary Link Partner
English-Hungary is a blog about Hungary for those who would like to know what\'s going on in our country but don\'t speak the language. We select random news about politics and about anything else that could interest people from Europe and from the rest of the world.

1000 harfe nagofteh
Politic,personal,culteral,from everywhere.

A Healthy Alternative to Work
My take on life, politics, and journalism, with a few getting drunk and stupid stories thrown in for good measure.

A Sunny Place for Shady People
Pithy, contrarian, politically incorrect rants on sex, money, American culture, power and politics and religion and philosophy. In short: nothing matters, everything changes, and there are no guarantees. The rest is rationalization and bribery. -- The Old Buzzard.

America the Evil Nation
Informs people of the evils of American policies affecting people of color and third world nations. The blog also attempts to give the reader more information and increase his or her racial identity within the racist environment known as America.

Amor Entintado
Schizophrenia from the seventh floor (in Spanish). Tachame la doble.

Anonymous Rants
Quick-take social commentaty for the ADD Generation.

Archaeology web sites, with some anthropology thrown in.

The multilingual, multicultural online journal and community of arts and ideas.

Bagnall Village Web Site
All about the history of BAGNALL Village in Staffordshire, UK and the origin of the BAGNALL and associated surnames, eg Bagnell, Bagnold, Bagenal, Bagnal, Bognall, Bignall, Bignell, etc.

As young thoughtful and concerned Americans we refuse to be lumped together with those broad clusters of youth culture, and so BSL is an outlet for us to escape this new status quo, so we'll explore ideas, events, music, etc. that today's youth culture isn't championing.

Blame the Extended Gestation
Where you get your fix... from philosophy to punk rock and everything in between.

Books Do Furnish A Room
My used bookshop, ecommerce, freedom of speech.

Brian's Meandering Mind
A random collection of curious journeys through a chaotic imagination.

Celebrated Entity
The official site of Celebrated Entity. Our publicist insisted.

Cellar Image of the Day
One mind-boggling image every day.

Cetusan rasa
Hatiku semakin parah dan pasrah , menyerah kalah.

Chronicles of Venice, Venezia, La Serenissima - the city and islands in the lagoon - the Adriatic shore - the surrounding areas changes taking place today marvellous innovations wondrous machines mishaps and disasters -stories of people & places - news & views.

Clarity Amidst Chaos
Clear thoughts in a confusing world.

Cosmic Connection
A daily forecast-meditation for everyone, based on decades of astrological research. Sometimes profound, sometimes humorous, intended to help the reader make sense of daily planning. Current events, politics, movie stars and pop artists are often discussed.

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