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Directory Listing (s) :

Alipes Forex Trading
Online retail forex broker. 3 pips spread on majors. Currency and Forex Portfolio Manager.

Iran Affairs: a review of US foreign policy and Iran
A review of US-Iran relations, and the impact of the media and lobby groups in shaping US foreign policy.

Metakappa is a blog by Gino Tocchetti, the first italian knowledge ecosystem blog, focused on knowledge management, ecollaboration, innovation, and their application to knowledge ecosystems.

News, conspiracy, intelligence, California daily insight, Mae Brussell.

Investigative articles pertaining to developing countries, emphasizing global poverty, corruption, political conflict.

The Glory of Carniola
How to live in Slovenia without hurting yourself and/or others.

The View from California
Twice-monthly "Letters from California" (in French) published in Le Figaro, Paris. Author Jacques Vallee is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

Thoughts Political and Tendentious
This site is the author's means of posting his ideas on a more or less regular basis. Principal topics right now are international policy, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

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