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A daze in the life - by the secret terrorist
I have developed a serious need for attention. I've given up writing in my diary, cause what's the point? No ones gonna read it! I began the diary in 1996. Now, in 2003, it goes live on the net. Lets see what happens.

A klog apart
That place where strategy, technology, and the social sciences converge.

About Geology
Focused on geology since 1997 with maps, photos, articles, resources, quizzes and a forum.

Alternative news, science, inventors, informations, bookmarks, energy, weirdos.

Insight, opinion and discussion on current events in the realm of civil, military and commercial space. Written by a group of "third generation" (born post-Apollo) space advocates.

Brain Waves: Neurons, Bits & Genes
Neurotechnology and Society.

Corpus Callosum
An occasional journal of armchair musings, by an Ann-Arbor-slightly-left-of-center regular guy who reserves the right to be highly irregular at times. Mission: to develop connections between hard & social science, using linear thinking and intuition, and explore merits of spontaneity vs. strategy.

Dreaming Of A Better Place
I dream of a better place, that doesn't pollute our environment, that can support itself, that creates beauty and knowledge in the world. Arcologies, space colonies and technologies.

Famous Budgie Quotes
See amazing quotes and get links to audio recordings of talking parakeets that are speaking in sophisticated conversational language. A real eye opener for those who think parrot just mimic speech.

Giordano Bruno
Theoretical biology, no-war, photography, patterns, Maya, art, evolution, global warming, anit-imperialism, luzon,bagong silang, sabang, mindoro,philippines, science.

Site in Spanish about agriculture and cattle-breeding of the central zone of Argentina.

Jason Skie's DNA Blog
News, commentary, and careers in biotechnology and DNA medicine.

JunkScience spotlights and debunks faulty scientific data and analyses used to promote special agendas such as those of activist groups, personal injury lawyers, regulators, businesses and politicians.

Learn about Robots
Information on research, commercial and military robot applications. Includes commentary on recent robot news.

Martinis at Midnight
Thoughts and essays about music, physics, martinis and pretty girls.

Message in a Bottle
This blog is concernd with discussing economics, politics, philosophy and other topics that come to my mind. There is some emphasis on economics so far.

Mike's Weblog
Heavily science- and mechanics-oriented list of links to strange ideas and articles.

Explores the fascinating scientific underpinnings of intelligence and the mind.

NYCOM Psychiatry Club Web stie
Op-Eds about psychiatry, psychotherapy, and medicine in society.

Pseudoscience in Mental Health Blog
Explores issues related to pseudoscience in the mental-health industry, as well as unethical behavior among pharmaceutical companies.

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