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Directory Listing (s) :

512 Collective Operations in Africa
A chronicle of our 5- month expedition to produce two extensive documentary films in Southern Africa.

A Castoff Cigarette Butt
Analysis and commentary on the media and politics of the US, the Middle East, and the world. Upset with the modern world? Get angrier with us.

A Fleming in Brussels
A Belgian military officer in his forties, flemish of origin and living as a bachelor in Brussels, Belgium. Very much interested in international politics, especially the Arab world.

A godless liberty-loving kiwi
Where a godless liberty-loving Kiwi lets rip!

A Good Cup of Coffee
Promote Fair prices to small family farmers Promote certification highest quality Arabica coffee volcanic high altitude rain forests organic Promote supply channels recruit personnel solicit funds.

A Minha Janela
Criado pelo meu Walter_ego com o objectivo de ser um registo de tudo aquilo que ele e os seus amigos veem pelas suas janelas sejam elas quais forem !

About French Language
Information about and resources for everything related to learning, speaking, and teaching the French language.

Protecting America from threats abroad and at home.

Alerta amarelo
Alerta, mas sem entrar em p?nico.

America First!
AMERICA on FIRST base, or 2nd base, or 3rd base, or in the Dugout during the GLOBALIZATION game of the Century?

American Fellowship
American Fellowship, with commentary by Luis de Agustin, advocates U.S. global primacy while shunning world dominion.

Angola mia terra
Tudo sobre Angola. Angola desenvolvimento, poesia e amizade. Angola sviluppo, amicizia, politica. Escola, scuola, futuro, jovens, giovani, amore, a liberdade de expressao.

The Diary of a returning expat - moving back from Holland to the UK after 7 years, I'm coming across all sorts of difficulties - British bureaucracy, lack of credit worthiness in the UK, as well as having do a whole load of things differently, some better, some worse.

arcana imperii
Thoughts, news, observations and analysis. generally the topics covered include int'l affairs, humour, politics, culture, music, science, philosophy, literature, photography, food & wine.

World affairs and IT technology weblog.

World affairs and IT technology weblog.
Dutch blog about nothing and everything.

Blog sioniste et pro-am鲩cain.

Basement Cross
Novakeo's personal weblog. Novakeo on world and national affairs and comments by Novakeo on current events and popular culture.

Beyond Belief
A humorous blog that covers anything of current interest, particularly topics that show how we use "belief" to hide its ever-present shadow, "doubt" ? when what we really mean is "hypothesis."

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